Inspired by the Ration Shed's Strong Women's Shadow Boxes, Shadow Sisters is a love letter to those who came before, those who have walked alongside us and those whose history and being have contributed to our now.

Featuring 17 original artworks, this mixed media collection honours our history, our stories and our people that made us, us.

Shadow Sisters honours, values and privileges the contributions and lives of First Nations people. It honours, values and privileges the creative and cultural capital of our community. And, through honouring these rich lived experiences and knowledges, we are cherishing, celebrating, and sharing the stories of our community. 

The artists involved in Shadow Sisters have shared stories, photos, laughs, tears, joys and sadness in the dreaming up of and the creation of their artworks. Each artwork is as individual as the truth-telling story of its artist and as connected as the family, cultural and ancestral ties that bind us together as community. 

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Enjoy our love letters.